Monday, December 28, 2009

first post!

hi everyone,
i have previously had another blog on another site but ive had nothing but problems with it so after seeing my mother in laws blog on here i decided to give mine another go!
i will copy and paste my first one on here from my old site that we you will all get to know me from the beginning as well...
my blog is about my weightloss journey.. last june 08 i had lapbanding surgery after battling obesity my entire life since the age of 4.. my post will deal with not only the weightloss side of my life but also the highs and lows of it as well, hopefully someone out there can relate to my life and maybe ill give hope to others as well that think that they cannot fight anymore.. i did and now my life has changed so dramatically..

some people disagree with the surgery and believe its the easier approach but im proof that the last year of weightloss has not been easy, the band has been a great tool in helping me loose the weight but i am the only one that can control how quickly i loose it and how...  i would love to hear other people's views and hoepfully after reading about my life everyone will understand how important my life is too me now, i have the most amazing family and friends that have been there for me for such a long time, i love you all so much!