Monday, January 25, 2010

hi everyone, right now im in sydney staying with my hubby for a few days, so while he at work i thought id update my posts seeing its been a while.

ive been really busy with work the last few weeks and also in my spare time while adam been home we've been trying to renovate our house as much as possible, which was annoying last tuesday as we'd ordered some carpet from Harvey Normans and the day we went to pick it ip they hadnt even ordered it so thankfully i rang before, but poor daz still had the trailor and 4wd set up.

ive also been going to the gym as much as possible and i can really see a huge difference in my legs and arms, my loose skin is slowly starting to change so soon hopefully ill have muscles instead of flab, hahaha.. im still really happy with my weightloss progress i sometimes still cant believe the difference my body looks like now, i catch myself in the mirror a lot, haha.. but its just because my body and face looks different each time in a good way. And although i know ive lost a lot of weight i also know ive got a long way to go, i get depressed occassionally when i'm not in a good head space its hard to think of myself as anything but fat, but its getting easier and easier..
Adam makes me feel so special always telling me how beautiful i look but he always said that regardless of my weight.  He has always seen me for me and not for the size of my clothes or the kilos on the scale. im so lucky that i found a man that cares and loves me as much as he does. xoxoxoxox

We've got a lot of birthdays coming up in the next month or 2 and parties im sure, hehehe. Also we have some friends coming from Mildurra in March for a few days which should be great, another reason why we renovating too.. lol..

Hope everyone has a great Australia Day!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

ok so how do i get more followers on here deb? hehehe.. your the most amazing of course but i feel silly writing to you when i can talk to you on the phone, hehehe..